Meie makroonid on valmistatud käsitsi ja parimast toorainest. Hindame naturaalseid koostisosi ja valmistame makroone mandlijahust, munavalgest, suhkrust, võist, rõõsast koorest ja marja- ning puuviljapüreedest. Meie makroonid ei sisalda asovärve, mis võivad tekitada allergiat ja hüperaktiivsust. Väga väikestes kogustes kasutame prantsuse tootja Sevarome kõrgekvaliteedilisi toiduvärve. Meie makroonid on laktoosi- ja gluteenivabad ning ei sisalda säilitusaineid. 

Ovenly Delights

What is the secret behind excellent baking? What makes a cake, bread or a sweet pastry so amazingly delicious, almost addictive, every single time?

First, you need pure and sincere love for the art of baking. You need patience to wait for your dough to rise, your chocolate to melt and the tricks of whisking your egg whites to perfection. You need to have precision for measuring your ingredients and of course the time as that is the grounding for successful baking. Last but not least, you need imagination to create the true and delicious friendship of any taste combinations possible.

You will find all of this and a lot more in the very book you’re now holding - Ovenly Delights. All the recipes for tried and tested culinary creations of Angeelika Kang have been gathered into this book – wintry rich chocolate cakes, summery and fruity pies, delightfully succulent pastries, crunchiest biscuits, tasty buns and of course indulgent macaroons.

It’s a book that will come in handy in every culinary lover’s home.